Doheny EX Folding 750W E-Bike - Blue
Doheny EX Folding 750W E-Bike - Blue
Doheny EX Folding 750W E-Bike - Blue

Doheny EX Folding 750W E-Bike - Blue

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Doheny EX Folding

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Upgraded Hydraulic Disc Brakes 

The classic and now upgraded Hydraulic DOHENY EX Electric Bike provides a riding experience for the ages.

This classic and capable bike provides a riding experience for the ages. Just fold it up and take it with you. Designed for laid back cruising, pairs well with cup holder, front basket or surf rack. 


DOHENY RIDERS must be 16 years old and meet local minimum age to ride. RIDERS should be tall enough to touch both feet on the ground. Most riders can ride at least one of our bikes with a great fit!

Specs & Electronics

The Doheny E-Bike like its name's sake is a beach cruiser, but don't be mistaken. This puppy can get fired up with its 750W motor paired with a 48V 13AH battery.

Engine: 750W Motor
Battery: 48V 13 AH 624Wh Lithion
Charge time: 4-6 hrs charging time
Frame - 6061 Aluminum 
Display - G51 LCD
Fork - Suspension Fork
Brake - Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tire - 20** 4.0 KENDA
Derailleur - 7 speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur
Light - Front LED
Throttle - Thumb Throttle 
PAS 1:1 intelligent Peddle /Assistant System 
Top Speed: 23-28mph
Class II Federal & State compliant
5 Level Pedal Assist & Throttle
Advanced Slim LCD
Aluminum Alloy Frame with Front Suspension 
Rear Bike Rack
Gears: Shimano 7 Speed Transmission
Max. Capacity: 350 lbs 
Weight without battery: 55 lbs without battery
Folded Dimensions: 30"H x 35"L x 19"W
Recommended Rider Height: 4'10" - 6'2"

Essentials for eBike Fun


Carry your belongings with you or use it as a platform for a basket, crate, saddle bags, groceries, beach toys, or anything your lazy kids won’t help you carry.


Activates any time the brakes are used. Give a stern warning to those impatient tailgaters.


Our suspension fork provides 80mm of travel. The preload can be adjusted or completely locked for a rigid ride.


One of the highest capacity and most reliable batteries available. It has a charging time of 5-6 hours which provides 20 to 45 miles per charge depending on terrain and riding technique.


A bright front LED light that is great for night riding. Turn it on and off with the control panel for a safe and illuminated night riding experience.


Whether you can dunk while standing or need a stool to scratch your own head, this two-way adjustable handle bar allows for maximum fit, comfort, and stability.


Don’t let road grime ruin your clothes (or your day). These durable fenders protect against water, mud, sand or anything you don’t want flung on your back.


Shift gears easily from 1 for more torque for uphill riding to 7 for maintaining top speed.


An easy-to-use LCD control panel to control pedal assist and lights. Displays speed, odometer, trip odometer, battery level and consumption, and timer. The panel is backlit when using the LED front light.


A 750W, Italian-designed motor that provides all the torque you need. Ride uphill with ease or cruise on flat ground at a 30mph top speed. Ciao!

20’’ X 4’’ KENDA TIRES

Weather-resistant tires that are designed to provide superior traction as well as protection against punctures from glass, thorns, sharp rocks and other small items.


Logan hydraulic brakes provide you with hard core stopping power to stop on a dime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Don Tafjen

Ended up settling for the EZ because of the lead time for the EX. Ended up with white. Love the bike, easy to ride as a normal non powered bike on level ground like Yosemite valley. Power E-bike mode is great for our hilly area. Power is good, battery life is good. Wife and I both bought one. Had a small issue with the brakes on my wife’s but customer service was great, and parts were sent out quickly. Overall I recommend this bike.

Keith Lamb

Micah and his team are the best. The bike is amazing. It folds up and fits perfectly in the SUV. Love taking the path to Salt Creek from Laguna Niguel.

Kevin Allin

We took the Surf Kids to Tucson, AZ and rode the Saguaro Loop a few times.amazingly capable. They rode the grades with no problems and were really spry. So fun. People kept asking us about them for their RV’s since they fold up. We had a great time. San Diego or AZ, this thing performs!

So, I was interested in a Rad Mini from Rad Bikes but I had some questions. Well, a lot of questions. I couldn’t get anybody at Rad on the phone. I had also been looking at the Doheny Bikes so called them. Micah answered all my questions, helped me choose the best bike for me and I’m now the happy owner of a green Surf Kid. I’m in San Diego and I ride it around Mission Bay. It hardly touches the battery charge. It powers over the bridges going over the channels with no problems. I’m a big guy too. About 230 lbs. my buddy bought a blue one just like mine and both fit in the back of my Toyota RAV4 easily. With just mine, I can even have people in the back seat too. I got a Stashers brand cooler bag and put it on the rear rack for storage. I LOVE this bike!!

Best Buy in long timeline p

Was first e bike purchase. What a great buy. Goes up to near 30mph, gri

Steve Hauser
Simply Amazing

These bikes are everything and more! They are fun, reliable, easy to use, and easy to store. They really get you to want to go out and explore whether it is at the beach or just around the neighborhood. It is easy to use all of the controls so you can cruise around at a moderate pace or pick up the speed if you are looking for something a bit more exhilarating. The whole family has their own bike now and everyone is having an amazing time together!