Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black
Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black

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The Doho Way

The EZ Doho


The NEW and upgraded hydraulic DOHENY EZ Electric Bike provides a riding experience for the ages. 

The most loved ebike on the beach, mostly for its ease of travel. Just fold it up and take it with you. Designed for laid back cruising, pairs well with cup holder, front basket or surf rack. 


DOHENY RIDERS must be 16 years old and meet local minimum age to ride. RIDERS should be tall enough to touch both feet on the ground. Most riders can ride at least one of our bikes with a great fit!

Industry Leading Build

The Doheny E-Bike like its name's sake is a beach cruiser, but don't be mistaken. This puppy can get fired up with its 750W motor paired with a 48V 13AH battery.

Engine: 750W Motor 
Battery: 48V 13.5 AH 624Wh Lithion
Charge time: 4-6 hrs charging time
Frame - 6061 Aluminum 
Display - G51 LCD
Fork - Suspension Fork
Brake - Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tire - 20** 4.0 KENDA
Derailleur - 7 speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur
Light - Front LED
Throttle - Thumb Throttle/Twist Throttle  
PAS 1:1 intelligent Peddle /Assistant System
Top Speed: 23-28mph
Class II Federal & State compliant
5 Level Pedal Assist & Throttle
Advanced Slim LCD
Aluminum Alloy Frame with Front Suspension 
Rear Bike Rack
Gears: Shimano 7 Speed Transmission
Max. Capacity: 350 lbs 
Weight without battery: 55 lbs without battery
Folded Dimensions: 30"H x 35"L x 19"W
Recommended Rider Height: 4'10" - 6'2"

Essentials for eBike Fun

Fold 'N Go

Don't hustle for that parking spot, or pay for it. Load up and be ready to cruise where ever your adventure leads.

Smooth & Easy

Strong battery, step through design and big tires make for a confident and comfortable ride.

Seek Adeventure

Scope the morning surf, sip ice cold beverages on the beach with your crew, or rally friends for a sunset bonfire.

The inside scoop from doheny locals

We purchased 2 Doheny Bikes! We loved the first one so much we went back and got another one. I love the low step in as well as the nice tires for off road or beach. This bike can really pick up speed , such immediate power and well made.

Wendy Finley

The Doheny Electric Bikes are so cool. My fiance & I got the DOHENY EZ FOLDING 750W E-BIKE in black & white. We couldn't be more happy with them. These have some serious get-up & have you cruising in no time.

Christian Hauser

Not just something pretty to look at

Our bikes are industry leading when it comes to design, features for safety and comfort, convenience, power, battery life and value. Most importantly, our shop is just a few blocks from Doheny if you ever need a tune-up or want to stop by and share how you like to cruise on it.

High-Definition LCD Display

An easy-to-use LCD control panel to control pedal assist and lights. Displays speed, odometer, trip odometer, battery level and consumption, and timer. The panel is backlit when using the LED front light.

7 Speed Shimano  Derailleur

7-Speed Shimano Derailleur

Shift gears easily from 1 for more torque for uphill riding to 7 for maintaining top speed.

LED Front Light

LED Front Light

A bright front LED light that is great for night riding. Turn it on and off with the control panel for a safe and illuminated night riding experience.

Front Hydraulic Suspension Fork

Front Hydraulic Suspension Fork

Our suspension fork provides 80mm of travel. The preload can be adjusted or completely locked for a rigid ride.

48V 13.5AH Li-ion Battery

One of the highest capacity and most reliable batteries available. It has a charging time of 5-6 hours which provides 20 to 45 miles per charge depending on terrain and riding technique.

20’’ x 4’’ KENDA Tires

20’’ x 4’’ KENDA Tires

Weather-resistant tires that are designed to provide superior traction as well as protection against punctures from glass, thorns, sharp rocks and other small items.

Adjustable Handle Bars

Adjustable Handle Bars

Whether you can dunk while standing or need a stool to scratch your own head, this two-way adjustable handle bar allows for maximum fit, comfort, and stability.

180mm Logan Disc Brakes(Front and Rear)

Tektro Disc Brakes (Front and Rear)

Tektro mechanical or Logan hydraulic brakes provide you with hard core stopping power to stop on a dime.

Front and Rear Fenders

Front and Rear Fenders

Don’t let road grime ruin your clothes (or your day). These durable fenders protect against water, mud, sand or anything you don’t want flung on your back.

Integrated Brake Light

Integrated Brake Light

Activates any time the brakes are used. Give a stern warning to those impatient tailgaters.

48V 750W Vtuvia Motor

750W Motor

A 750W, Italian-designed motor that provides all the torque you need. Ride uphill with ease or cruise on flat ground at a 30mph top speed. Ciao!

Rear Rack

Rear Rack

Carry your belongings with you or use it as a platform for a basket, crate, saddle bags, groceries, beach toys, or anything your lazy kids won’t help you carry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Marceline Sheard
EZ Folding 750

We love our bikes, red and gray. We love the way the gears work, the pedal assist, and the way it drives. Haven't been able to take them any distance yet, because we had difficulty with the rack. Looking forward to it.

The one problem we are having is that the seat swivels and goes down while riding, and the handlebars get crooked while riding. I have tried the correct allen wrench to the handlebars, they still come loose, and cannot get the seat to stay stable.
Let me know if you have any tips.

Thank you for your service and communication. I appreciate it.

Michael Harris
Best Bike Ever

I spent time researching online and decided to pull the plug on Doheny Bikes. I am so glad I did.

First the staff at the store are all knowledgeable and friendly. Allowed my wife to try it out, and even got to bring my dog in to check them out.

This bike has some serious power to it. Can easily get me up hills, towing a trailer, can take it long distances.

Using just throttle you can go around 20 miles total depending on the amount of hills you have to go up. But the peddle assist can take that up to 35 miles and it’s easy every peddle of the way.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and can’t wait to buy my wife one to join me on bike rides! It has been worth every penny!

Elizabeth Brunetti
Solid bike.

Recently bought my bike from your shop and couldn't be happier!! I happened to be in California and was able to test drive before purchasing. (Free shipping was a bonus!) My bike arrived in great condition, easy to finish assembling and your videos definitely have given us extra confidence. My husband had purchased a different brand of bike and was very impressed with how solid and well made this bike is. I love how cute it is and it definitely turns heads. We are having a great time traveling in our RV with my bike so that I can explore the area around. Very pleased with our purchase!!

Hope Deems
1st time Ebike owner

My step through EZ folding cement gray bike was fairly simple to put together after watching the video. I am a first time ebike owner but have had bikes my whole life. It's definitely a game changer having the pedal assist. I bought the bike mainly for hunting and camping. So far have only used it for camping which was great. It fits perfectly next to the bed in the camper. Only down side of being out of state is the brakes needed adjusting and was advised to take it to a local bike shop for a tune up. Anytime I reached out by email to Doheny they responded very quickly. Can't wait to put some miles on it.

Jennifer Gilreath

Love it!!! Easy to assemble and so much fun to ride. My husband was skeptical, but came back after his first ride grinning from ear to ear. Great job!