Doheny ENZO FAQ's

Before Purchasing


5’0”-6’2”. It is recommended that your inseam is 32" or more to ride the ENZO safely

375 Lbs

Up to 120 pounds

85 pounds with both batteries & 65 pounds without both batteries

The ENZO's provides more stability then other cargo bikes due to its compactness which is very important especially if ones is carrying groceries, children etc.

The ENZO is equipped with 2x 14Ah batteries which means no range anxiety.

The ENZO also comes with a built in a alarm, light and blinkers & a 750W motor with maximum 1250W output designed specifically for those looking to carry heavy loads.

The ENZO 750W motor has 80nm of torque, max 1250W of power

The ENZO has 2x 48V 14Ah LG cell battery

After Purchasing


Hold down the "POWER" Button which is located right in the middle of the display screen module.

10-12 hours for the first charge, and then as needed after that

Swap out brake pads every 200-400 depending on terrain, weight of rider and use of brakes.(show picture)

Swap out Tires every 1,000-1,500 miles depending on wear of tread(show picture)

Lubricate Chain with chain lubricant every 1,000 miles

We recommend using soap and water for the frame, tires and rims. Rubbing alcohol can be used on mechanical components. Make sure to keep any and all water away from controller box and battery cradle.

You may apply 80-90% Rubbing Alcohol to your brake discs in order to remove any excess dirt that may be causing the squeak/squeal

You will need to charge each battery separately.