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Love the Bike

After a few years of research and scouting out potential E-Bikes my wife and I decided on Doheny. The models we chose were the EZ & EX.

My wife preferred the EZ model in Blueberry White and I chose the EZ in Black. Both bikes are extremely well made and very stout.

We have put almost 75 miles on them in 10 days. The pedal assist is just what my wife needed for her knee issues. The power assist (boost) will get you across any intersection quickly.

We have received many compliments on our bikes , they are definitely head- turners!!

We plan on taking them with us when we travel with our fifth wheel later on this month. Can’t wait to try them on the beach!!

If you are on the fence about which E-Bike to buy, look no further than Doheny. These bikes are worth every penny!!

Love my bike aka “The Beast”

Love this bike! As a 64 year old…was able to assemble the bike my self! Love how easy it rides. Got the Rose Gold EZ 3.0 folding bike. Great color ! Looking forward to many fun rides!

My Doheny basket

I love my doheny little basket looks great with my doheny bag too. Doheny rocks love my bike . My little coral ann looking good .

Unlock your life to some real fun

I am in my 40s and pretty fit but don’t need to unnecessarily struggle trying to ride the hills of my neighborhood. This makes riding a breezeeeee. Powerful. Good battery life. Aesthetic. Can get around town real quick now. The 4” tires provide great stability. Does great on dirt roads too. Dog loves our new hobby. Fits the whole family so anyone can use it!

Doheny MOTO X
John S.
This bike is so much fun

I used to have a pit bike when I was a kids, and this thing is a blast! My nine year old tears it up on our property in Arkansas! Great quality!

Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Anthony Costa
Great Bikes, Outstanding Service!

Long review…never done one before but having something that works has really made a difference. We’re riding more and planning road trips and exploring. With folding bikes, we don’t have to mess with the bike rack. Easy to fold, put in the back of our car, nothing sticks out, easier parking and better security.
We have been looking for a bike that would work for my wife (petite 5’2”). We had been doing a lot of research and going to shops so we could sit on the bike to see if it would fit. Could my wife’s feet touch the ground? I came across a Doheny bike, so we looked them up and decided to go and check them out. We were sure it was going to another bike that didn’t work. We were wrong! The bike fit not only my wife but It was a great fit for me. Not to mention that the bikes are very cool looking.
Jason was great, he wasn’t a bike salesperson. He is someone who just has a conversation with you and cares about making sure you are getting into a bike that will work for you. With good instruction, test riding different bikes, adjusting… My wife looked at me and said let’s get them, that’s never happen before. After getting them home I needed a few adjustments and came back and between Jason and Ethan they took care of everything, they truly wanted us to be satisfied. Oh, and they respond to emails, and some were answered in the same day.
Now after 150 miles these bikes are great. We’ve had standard bikes for a long time and our rides would only last for 15-30 min. All the rides would start off good and some small hills, head winds and other factors would make the ride just not fun! Not the case with our Doheny bikes. All our bike rides are just fun! My wife’s confidence level is so high and she’s so comfortable I’ll never hear these words again, can you go get the car and take me home.
These bikes are so light which was a big concern, wife is small and wanted to be able to handle the bike and touch the ground. They are so easy to ride, and we do like using the pedals. There are times don’t even have the assist on but nice to know that there is the assist when needed or wanted. After all the experimenting and testing we will use assist 1 gear 4-6 for most riding and assist 2 in gear 5 or 6 with the hills and that HEAD wind. With level 1 when starting out no wobble it’s gone or a little throttle for the boost. We now cross streets, not afraid of the crowds a these are so easy to handle as they have the power to cross streets and get around people making riding fun. Funny as were riding I keep think we’re going to pull a U turn and head for home, but she says let’s keep going, let’s keep going…As for charging, we just did are 3rd charge after 150 miles, was at 50% but doing long ride this weekend.
Last when shopping for other brands it seems like their price might be good until you realize that everything is an add-on. These bikes are ready to go, check the specs, good motor, brakes, displays, lights, fenders even turn signals. Only tip, upgraded to the better seat makes a BIG difference.

Doheny ENZO Cargo
Chandler E
Great E-Bike and Great Service

I bought my Enzo two weeks ago and have been riding it every night since! It has plenty of power to carry me and my kids (8 and 4). Also, the Doheny team was so great to work with! Great customer experience and fun to work with their team.

Cloud 9 Cruiser Bicycle Seat
Anthony Costa
Cloud 9 Bike Seat

Both my wife and I had the stock seats which were just not comfortable, especially for longer bike rides. After experimenting with different options we decided to upgrade to the C9 bike seat and a huge difference, love them!

Love it.

I’ve been riding my bike for a month now and am loving it! It does well on the street and dirt as well. My daily commute is only a mile one way so I haven’t had to charge my battery after the initial charge. I’d suggest watching all the assembly videos and battery care video before assembling on YouTube but was able to do it alone. The only thing I wish was different was that there was a good place to mount a cup holder on the handle bars. I’ve resorted to putting my coffee in my basket but inevitably some always spills out.

Doheny EX 2.0 Folding 750W EBike
Jeffrey Pounds
So far so good

Great bike and great customer service. Stuart in Cypress, TX went above and beyond delivering my bike. The mirror is a great accessory. The cell phone holder doesn’t fit the handle bar so I put it on my regular bike.

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Sage Green
Hands Down - Best Value for E-Bikes

The title is more of a comment about the Doheny brand in general, as dollar for dollar, Doheny bikes offer more features and overall quality than other comparable e-bikes in its class (ie: Rad Power Bikes or Aventon). The particular model we purchased recently is the EZ Folding (version 2). Great styling, love the 7 gears, 5-level pedal assist, fat tires and the sage green color. The throttle acceleration is very responsive (more than the Rad by comparison), and some may prefer a "softer" throttle, but I'm indifferent - it has power, that's for sure! I typically leave it in gear 6 or 7, and vary between level 2 to 4 of pedal assist, depending on my speed and terrain since I do like do pedal most of the time so I'm at least moving my legs and giving them some exercise.

Also, their customer service is second to none - my wife preferred the handlebar half-throttle instead of the thumb throttle, and Micah (one of the owners) provided on-the-spot customization and swapped it out for us right on the spot while we purchased the bike! No one else would have done that for us without a fee. We're looking forward to getting an EZ 3.0 soon! We've had so much fun since getting our e-bikes, we've been outdoors more than we ever would than when we had "regular" bikes. You will be happy with a Doheny.

Derailleur Guard
Warren Brader
Getaway !

Greatest addition in my life since great grandchildren, and retirement made better. With the addition of the derailer guard for better protection
I plan on taking mine on vacation via Twin Otter aircraft since it is very easy to travel with.
Thanks Doheny.

Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Christy Warnick
Practically Perfect in Every Way

I drove down to the Dana Pount shop from the SF Bay Area to check out the EZ3 after a year of researching e-bikes. I left Dana Point with an EZ3 and have had a blast every single ride. This bike puts child-like joy back into riding. (Im)patiently waiting for more accessories to be avail for the EZ3 (basket and seat for the back rack). Would also love for a set of compatible pegs to be on offer. 11/10. Could not recommend more.

Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Georgia Cherry
EZ 3.0 Rose Gold

Love the color, the online picture doesn't do it justice. Enjoy the ride and it is so easy to shift. Great job on the 3.0 with the intergraded rear rake.

Doheny ENZO Cargo
Micah Burridge
Best Dads day purchase ever!!

Shopped for well over 6 - 8 months and the Enzo ended up having all I was looking for. Dual battery, front suspension, kid pack (for school drop off) great LCD display, disc breaks and plenty of power. Ethan and Micah at the shop answered all my questions and delivered it to San Diego by Ethan. Super nice, extremely good customer service. With all the e-bike companies out there customer service is essential and the team at Doheny are always there for ya. Highly recommended, looking to pick one up for wifey soon!!

Very Happy

We purchased the EX and EZ and now that we've been riding for weeks, we can truly say that we are very happy with both. We did a lot of research and are enjoying both dirt paths and asphalt rides. The large bike bags work well too for easy carrying. So much fun and fitness.. Thank you Doheny!

Safety Package

Had an issue with the controller and mica help me to resolve the issue

15 Ah Battery - EZ/EX
E “Chuck” Marques
Battery Received that was unable to be initially shipped with Bike Order

This battery was shipped separately from one of our recently purchase bikes, the other bike delived with its battery installed the bike. This battery was in every alike the one received with the 2nd bike delivery. We followed the new battery charging instruction for both before riding. Neither battery came near the anticipated 50% ish charge. More like 20-25% charge. So charged both fully for timed first charge … before tryingva first powered ride! No video needed ad both looked the same and fit the same!

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Jon Nelson
Great Bike we got two of them

I did a lot of research before actually buying this bike I want to see if there was a place closer to me in Ventura County that I can ride it and test it out nothing was available. So went to the Dana Point store on the way to San Diego and did a demo ride. Then loaded two of them one white for me. And my wife pick the out the green one. The staff is great and very helpful. The phone systems they have in place is a different story. I as recently had to change to a Internet phone based system And it's kind of a pain in the ass to me personally but besides that. I highly recommend you look into this ebike and if you're in the Ventura County area and you want to test ride a bike you can contact me and say I'm having to drive down all the way to Dana Point. Call the company and tell Jon Nelson from Thousand Oaks told you to call them they'll give you my email.

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black
Sean S.
Love it!

Absolutely world-class service! From asking multiple questions to Ethan and getting an immediate response online, then following up the next weekend for a test ride and pummeling him with another round of questions… I was sold! I’m 6 foot two and 280Lbs, live in Laguna Niguel and have no problem, climbing up Golden lantern, or Niguel Road to Marina Hills! Love the fact that they honored the online coupon in store for a completely built bike ready to ride! One of the owners Micah, was patient enough to help me see if my folding bike would fit in the back of my two door jeep with the seat, rolled forward… It worked perfectly! I was so excited to get home with the bike that I forgot to grab my battery charger! here’s the best part… I called from home, Let them know that I had forgot it and that I would be in the next day to pick it up. Micah knocked at my door a few hour later and handed me my battery charger with a smile on his face…Now … That’s customer service! Can’t tell my friends and family fast enough that if you are in the market for the best made, highest quality foldable E bike don’t waste your time continuing to shop because I’ve done it for you… Doheny bike is the only choice!
Thank you Doheny bike- team for all that you do! Customer for life…


Personal Transport Vehicle
E “Chuck” Marques
Love, love our Doheny EZ fold cruisers

Best Mother’s Day Purchase. Her Rose Gold and my Blue Tide Doheny EZ fold cruisers. Enjoying our first 20 miles of cruising the big neighborhood we live in, in the PNW, eastside of Seattle WA. Bikes are classy ( feel like low and slow riders) until the hills. More than powerful enough motors and battery to climb those with ease. Definitely appreciate the solid hydraulic brake systems when decending. Ready to get out on some less familiar smooth trails soon to exercise ourselves and meet new people. Can’t stop being ambassadors for ridership of these fantastic bikes, to all people we meet while cruising around. A lot of heads keep turning our direction as we go by. Thanks Doheny for the attention to both the aesthetic and performance details in these bikes, and all the great included items that are otherwise expensive accessories on other e-bikes. Healthy riding and enjoyment to all new Doheny owners. The Marques’

Great bag

I've been looking for a good-looking pannier since I got my bike, but none were ever quite right. This one hit all the marks - looks great, matches my handlebars and seat, room for my U-lock, cable, tools, glasses, etc., and it fits snugly on the bike and is comfortable on my back when I pop into a store or the farmers market.

The only recommendation to improve it would be a magnetic snap closure.

Doheny Travel Bag
Joni Zander
Makes getting my bike into my van SO much easier!

I wish I'd had this bag when I got my bike. It makes loading my bike up into my Sprinter (under my bed) so much easier. And, somehow, the bike seems to take up less space when in the bag, not to mention protection from all the dust associated with vanlife!

(3.0) Display Screen
Gary Calderone
Display problem

Hi,my name Gary and I'm from the East Coast . Bought my Doheny last fall and didn't get a chance to ride it very much, but last month my cuz and I went down to Florida ( St Petes ) for a blues Concert for the weekend. We brought our E Bikes and rode all over town ,both day and night . The bike is so easy and comfortable to ride ,The LED Light is Sooooo Bright ,it's Awesome and tail lights and blinkers worked well at night ,Display is lit up so u can see it both day and night , anyway the last day we were there my display for some reason wouldn't work .Went on u tube and followed the directions to no avail. Came back home after our great weekend . Called up Doheny and spoke to a rep ,sorry can't remember his name But his was very Pro and understanding of my situation, With out a beat he said No Problem I'll send u a new one . NO Hassle No Third Degree. I just installed the new one and it works Great !!!!!! Thanks Again Guy's


really like the saddle bags. very useful. Just confusing how to install. alot of straps unclear how it is supposed to fit over rack. I did my own modification to make it work.