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Nice Mirror see what's Behind you!

Fits great adjustable to view who may becoming up on you or making turns.

Loving my Doheny

I am a retired senior and it was getting harder to get up the hills and I also have arthritis now. This ebike has been the perfect get around bike to run errands and just go out for a joy ride. I love the feel of the bike as well as the looks. And, the customer service has been quick and efficient to solve any problems. I most highly recommend for anyone to get one.

Cool looking and Cool Name

Love this quality built bike and love the great customer service! Highly recommend!!

Love it!

My husband bought this one and another one for me. We love our bikes! They have exceeded our expectations! They have more than enough power and ride nicely. Their customer service is what every company should have! My husbands bike went missing in transit and we were planning on a trip with both bikes. I called Ethan and he got another bike shipped out right away for us! I highly recommend these top quality bikes. Thank you Doheny Bikes!

my little coral

I love my new Doheny , such a fast little bike and works well . Best bike ever❤️❤️❤️😁👍


I decided to sell my car and use the electric bike as my main transportation and I honestly am so happy with choosing this one! Super cute, love the sage green color and it’s so convenient to be able to fold it, quite heavy when the motor is in but with two people it’s an easy job! Very happy with the purchase, 10/10 recommend

The BEST choice

I'm so happy with this purchase. After a lot of research this was the company we choose. The style, the speed, the the easy of use is awesome. I get compliments everywhere we go. I love the colors, the coral is the prettiest!!!

Thousand Helmet
Olivia Lopez
Lightweight helmet

Love my hemet, it’s very lightweight, the strap is adjustable.

Best Purchase for us!

We took our time researching ebikes. Looking at cost, what each bike came with, reviews, the make, the style, the service, etc. After a few months, we decided on 2 Doheny EZ Folding 750W E bikes. This was the best decision for us. We love the higher quality (our friends have some other brands and theirs do not compare), the style/design and the speed! Since our bikes were delivered, we have taken them everywhere we go in our RV. We have travelled on our bikes in places where we would drive before. It is so much fun just getting on the bike and go.
Today we took on the beach for the first time, handled like a champ! Best value for the dollars and outstanding quality. Everywhere we go someone stops us for details on these beauties!

Saddle Bag
Vickie Lozano

Love my black saddle bags

Thousand Helmet
Vickie Lozano

Love my thousand helmet. Got the coastal blue.

Great e-Bike!

These bikes are great. A comfortable ride and easy to maneuver. We get many compliments of the bike's design and colors. Great purchase for us to spend family time outdoors.

Customer service

Great customer service from Micah & Mike!

Enjoying the Beach

Purchased two bikes in the fall of 2021 and have used them in NH in the mountains and now In Florida enjoying the beach . My wife had surgery and we added stabilisers work great, added a dog carrier on the back.
They fold up and have bags to carry them.
Enjoying them every day!

In love with this bike

Great value for the money with the gears, suspension and tires. It’s so comfortable and I am very happy with the lighter weight. Customer service and overall knowledge of e bikes in general were exceptional! Highly recommended!

Perfect Bike

Very comfortable bike to ride. Exceptional customer service as well. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Versatile EBike

After searching and testing several bikes, Doheny came thru with a fat tire foldable ebike that provides on road, off road cruising with plenty of power and battery stamina

The best bang for your bucks!

Have two bikes put them in the bags and they are stored in our CRV which is towed behind our Motorhome.
Definitely worth the money
Makes them easy to move around.

Recieved bike very quickly, packaged well. (No damage) took maybe 20 minutes to put together and off we went. Since then ordered second bike and same great experience. Would do again.
Only problem first bike for my wife 125lbs second bike for me 235 lbs...
She leaves me in the the dust. Can I change my bike to class 3 to keep up?

Doheny e bike

Great experience. I was impressed by you knowledgeable sales and support staff. The product was just as advertised. Order was delivered seamlessly just as promised. Great experience all around. Would not hesitate to recommend this bike to anyone interested in a high quality reasonably priced e bike.
Arnoldo Cuellar

Mini Saddle Bag
Richard Park
Perfect Addition

This saddle bag is the perfect size. Easy on and off, good quality and great price. Skip the Amazon stuff and purchase form Doheny. Yeah, I’m really happy with this saddle bag.


I bought 2 bikes in September 2021. They are awesome. Most of all Micah and Ethan are fantastic. When I return to town I bring my bike in to get air in the tires and they always stop whatever they’re doing to help me and to take a look at the bikes. They both are extraordinary and the bikes couldn’t be better. Thanks.

I’m a happy owner of the folding Doheny E bike. After hearing very positive comments from another Doheny bike owner I test rode one from the store. Done! I chose the green color and asked to swap the brown grips and seat for the black ones that I had just test ridden. The black grips have the twist throttle which seems more natural to me.
I live in a hilly community which was a challenge with my conventional older hybrid bike. I would mount it on the car rack to get to mainly flat roads for a 15 mile ride when I was enthused to go through that whole process.
With this new beautiful Doheny bike I can use the power assist as needed and really enjoy the ride through these hills.
Oh yeah- when you crank the throttle- it’s thrill time! The 20” tires provide plenty of cushion and security.
I’m getting about 35 miles per recharge.
Sorry for the long review, but there’s much to be happy about with this bike.
By the end of my third week of ownership, I’m on track to have logged 80 miles on these hilly streets. That’s 80 miles that I wouldn’t have exercised otherwise! And, I’m 68.

Front Rack EZ and EX
Stephen Rule
Sturdy, functional basket.

I added the basket to the original bike purchase three weeks ago. It’s sturdy and holds up to a bag of groceries.
However, I couldn’t adjust to it being a distraction when you’re making a turn. The basket obscures some vision of the front fender/wheel making it awkward when turning the bike in tight places.
Solution- I removed it and secured it to the back rack with zip ties. Still just as functional and improved my confidence in steering the bike.

After my Rad mini step through bike was stolen from my camp site, I bought a Doheny bike because of its reputation of quality at an affordable price. I am happy with my Doheny bike. It rides easy, smooth and has been dependable. However, I’m not a fan of the thumb lever throttle. Too jumpy. Difficult to control at low speeds.