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15 Ah Battery - EZ/EX
Terry Shelton/Coyote Beach Sports
Great bikes

We have about 20 of these bikes in our rental business. People love them. Great service from this company, and they always respond quickly when we have questions or need parts!! Great color selection too!!

Great Bike and Great Service

Stewart and the team in Houston help customers like they are family. You typically do not see this when purchasing an e-bike.
This e-bike is excellent. I had a couple of items that were left at the e-bike store and Stewart drove to my house that night to deliver them and explain or install.
I recommend this team to anyone who wants a hands-on team when purchasing and after purchase for support.
You cannot do better than the Dohoneybike team and Doheny e-bikes.

LOVE my rose gold bike!!!

The most amazing electric bikes and so much fun!! We have had multiple ebikes and the Doheny EZ Folding bikes are my favorite because of the suspension and smooth ride. They have more power as well for hills and go faster yet feel safe. Also, awesome for road trips and you can fold them into an inconspicuous bag to place in the car. I highly recommend Doheny ebikes to anyone! Plus, they have an amazing selection of colors!! Such nice people at the shop, Jason is awesome!

very nice 1st e bike

this is my 1st e bike assembled in about a hour or less had a small problem emailed doneny on a sat. and they repsonped within an hour GREAT customer service Lve only had a chance to ride it for about an hour but it was alot of fun so far i am very happy will look forward to dealing with Doheny in the furture

Checked All The Boxes!

When we started the search for e-bikes the number of manufacturers was surprising and a bit overwhelming. So we did our homework on line and drove 80 miles to Phoenix for test rides twice. Everything we looked at had limitations; too heavy, too much response on the pedal assist, extra charge for fenders and lights, no choice of throttle type, motor too small, no hydraulic brakes and no color choices. We were about to settle and make compromises believing no bike had everything. Then one night my wife sent me a link to the Doheny site and titled it “I love these bikes!” After driving over two hundred miles to test drive other bikes that didn’t hit the mark it was an easy decision to drive from central Arizona to Dana Point California to test ride a bike that might be the one to get. If a picture tells a thousand words just look at our smiling faces. I rode the Peavine Trail last week (about 20-25 miles round trip) using mostly pedal assist one and two with some zero assist and my battery is still at 93%. I turned 72 last week and could never have done that trip on a regular bike. And did I mention that everyone at the Doheny shop was friendly and helpful? Jason the owner gave us two bikes to try for as long as we we wanted. Ethan (the guy on all the YouTube videos) answered all our questions and is the shop guru. Bottom line-stop shopping and get a Doheny; they’re great!

She Love's it!

My wife is very pleased we chose Doheny, it has everything she wanted and after first trip down the coast, she found it very comfortable, easy to ride and the power assist is far better than other bikes we have rented, she loves her bike!

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Steve Ward
Good Service

After first trip with the bike, my speedometer/controls screen went black (quit working) but on our way home we stopped by the shop in Dana Point and they replaced it within 20 min. excellent service when purchased and when I had an issue!

Love my whitewalls!!!

I bought the white wall tires a month after I bought my pink bike. I'm SO glad I did. They look soooo good! They change the whole look of my bike! Doheny customer service is the best!

Battery working good do far , only used bike once but worked perfect , thank you guys for backing your product !!!!

Best company ever

Great bike and the best customer service experts you have seen in decades. They are amazing.

First of all, you cannot get better than Doheney for features: the bike has all that you want for a great price. Fenders, big power, big features. Get into it an you will never go back to a regular bike.

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Sage Green
R May
Awesome Bike

I love my Doheny. It is has plenty of power. Nice to be able to fold it up and put in a vehicle or on a bike rack.

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-Bike - Aqua
Paula Griffith- Deyette
Perfect in every way!

I absolutely love my new EBIKE! It’s everything I wanted and more. Smooth and safe ride, fun and exciting as well. I’m a senior and I wanted a safe bike so I could feel free to enjoy the ride without worries. I’m sure I’ll send a cool cider on one of my adventures coming up!! Thank you

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black
Randy Jansen
Just buy it.

@ EZ fold Doheny bikes. First impressions. We have 2 full size e-bikes from another manufacture and we love them but the EZ fold is a game changer. Love everything about them. Quality, ride, everything. the only thing I would add or change is I wish the bike had a bit more seat to handlebar adjustment. With that said I \'ll figure it out. Also praise to the boys at the shop as they are always willing to help you out with anything they can. At this price point its the best.

I love this bike.

I compared every folding step thru ebike and chose the Doheny. First and foremost for me was the weight of the bike. After taking out the battery it is under 55 lbs and I can transport it anywhere by myself. As an older female rider this was very important. Second was because my husband ask that I get a new bike with a bright color so as to be easily seen while riding in the campgrounds or on the bike trails. The coral pink is a fabulous color. The bike took me about 4 hours start to finish to assemble and if this old lady can do you can too. Another very important feature of the bike is that it comes well equipped with features that can be an additional purchase with many other fenders, headlight and tail lights, the rear cargo rack, blinkers just to name a few. I added the Tannus Armour tire inserts and ask that they be put inside the tires before shipping and Doheny did this for me which I thought was very nice. I reached a top speed of 29 miles an hour on throttle only which is wicked fast for an old lady. Usually on the bike trails I use peddle assist of 3 but in a higher gear. Fast but still getting some exercise. I figured out an easy way to fold...simply hold the left brake and grab the back and fold. Without the front tire moving it is so much easier to fold the bike. I also put the bike in a 50 gallon tub for easy carrying inside the back of my small SUV. I'm sure I am forgetting something so I created a video and the link is here too. I am so happy with my bike and the freedom to go riding either with or without power assist and when I get a little tired I can still enjoy being outside and zip around on throttle only. Here is my YouTube link to a more in-depth video. Please realize I am not a professional YouTubber nor am I young and thin. I am an older rider who just wants to get out and enjoy the bike trails.

Tannus Armour Bundle
Norm Schroeder

Had Ethan put them in because we're riding on mostly gravel roads or no roads just breaking trail. Hopefully will not have to test them

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Norm Schroeder
Doheny bikes are a great deal

Thanks to my friends Paul, who owns a different brand of bike,and Harry who owns a Doheny ,my wife and I now own Doheny bikes. At some point in his life Paul worked at a bike shop and showed me the differences between his & Harry's bike. Harry's Doheny cost more but was more heavyduty, had a larger motor ,bigger battery,hydraulic brakes,brake light,turn signals,brighter headlight, more color choices. More bang for the buck with the Doheny. The hardest part of putting it together once it arrived was getting it out of the box . They make it pretty simple and the tools needed come with the bike. The store staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful when we purchased. Thanks for the great experience

Thousand Helmet
Heather Bonneviile
love my rose gold helmet!

Lightweight and love it!

Highly Recommend!

Had Ethan put Tannus in both tires 3 weeks ago after I had my first flat (having a flat really puts a damper on things!). Now I ride with confidence knowing I have protection. My next bike (Christmas) will have it also!!!

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Vivian Ross

Absolutely love my latest adventure

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Diane S
Great function and style

This is my second folding e-bike. Originally purchased from another company but after about 100 miles found it uncomfortable and too heavy for me. I did a LOT of research on folding e-bikes and finally decided to order a Doheny EZ folding bike in Blueberry White. I love all the color choices Doheny offers compared to just black and white from the other manufacturer. The bike arrived within a week of ordering and was simple to put together but I did end up having an issue with the left peddle (wouldn’t screw in properly) and left front fork where the screw broke off in the frame. I reached out to Doheny and they quickly found a local bike shop for me to do the repairs. They shipped the parts and the local shop installed. It was super easy dealing with customer service and both issues were resolved in two weeks. I was finally able to go out today for my first ride and was very happy with the function of the bike. I rode about 25 miles and found the seat very comfortable and the bike fit me really well. It was easy lifting in and out of my four door sedan trunk especially when you can easily remove the battery to lighten the load by about 10lbs. I may look into adding a suspension seat post to further soften the ride. Thanks to the Doheny team for a great experience. I will definitely recommend your bikes to others.

my big bag for my little doheny

we love it ,fits right in easier to carry and put it in the car .doesn't get anything dirty in the car and totally covers everything on my bike. great price for a wonderful big bag!!!! thank you doheny

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Blueberry White
Karen Foos
Bike review

Love my new bike

Delta Bike Mirror
Sandi Kirouac
love this mirror

this is a great mirror. And does not get in the way when folding my EZ bike!

Doheny EZ Folding 750W E-bike - Black
Jeff Sandefur
RV ebikes

We're loving our Doheny EZ ebikes. Our Corgi loves them too. Solid build and great customer service!