Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
Doheny EZ Folding 3.0

Doheny EZ Folding 3.0

Doheny EZ Folding 3.0
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Doheny EZ 3.0 FAQ's

Learn More about our Doheny EZ 3.0 before purchasing

How Big Is The EZ's battery?

Our 15Ah 48V LG cell battery offers 720Wh of performance, which results in 40+ miles of range

The EZ's 750W motor can provide a max 1200W peak output(28MPH Top Speed) to help you get up any hill your adventures have to offer.

What Safety Benefits does the EZ offer?

Lights on both the front and rear as well as Blinkers on the rear taillight. Turn these lights on during the night or day and everyone will see you.

Hydraulic Brakes paired with 160mm discs means more stopping power and increased longevity of your brakes, so you are confident you can stop anywhere at anytime

What Makes the EZ one of our most popular e-bikes to date?

The EZ step through gets it's name from it's low stepover height. At 16", no need to swing your leg around the back of the e-bike, just step right through.


Color Display Screen

An easy-to-use LCD control panel to control pedal assist and lights. Displays speed, odometer, trip odometer, battery level and consumption, and timer. The panel is backlit when using the LED front light.

Front Headlight

Staying safe is your #1 priority when riding. Why not add some more lights and blinkers so you can be seen and people know when you are turning

(New) Integrated Rear Rack

Carry your belongings with you or use it as a platform for a basket, crate, saddle bags, groceries, beach toys, or anything your lazy kids won’t help you carry.

48V 15Ah Battery

With a 25 to 55 mile range, just enough to ride down to the beach, ride around the campsite, take that adventure you have always wanted to take.

750W(1200W Peak Motor)

Get up any hill with ease with a peak wattage of 1200 watts, your e-bike will have no problem passing your friends or getting up any hills

Hydraulic Brakes W/ Motor cut off switch

This e-bike is quick. You need hydraulic brakes to make sure you can stop at anytime under any condition

Front Suspension Fork

Uneven surfaces and potholes can often put strain on your hands, back and neck. A front suspension fork will take all of that pain away

Integrated Brake Light & Blinkers

Activates any time the brakes are used. Give a stern warning to those impatient tailgaters.


720 Wh. rated for 800-1000 Charge Cycles


54.6V, 2amp charger


48V 750W Motor


Color Display with speedometer, odometer, wattmeter, battery life, pedal assist level and much more

Rear Hub Motor

750W brushless gear hub motor


Front Light: Integrated LED

Rear Light: Integrated Tail light, brake light and blinkers

Pedal Assist

5-level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence based sensor


25-55 miles, depending on use of throttle or pedal assist


Choice of twist throttle or thumb throttle


Water resistant connectors

Brake Calipers

Logan Hydraulic

Brake Levers

Logan hydraulic levers with integrated motor cut off switch

Brake Pad Material


Brake Rotors

Tektro 160mm



Crank Set



7-speed Shimano Tourney


Front and Rear


Spring Fork with lockout and preload adjustment


6061 alluminum alloy


7-speed freeweheel(14-28 teeth)


1 x 7 speed


Leather ergonomic grips


Folding BMX Handlebars


Heavy Duty Kickstand


Standard plastic folding with reflectors(12.7mm thread)

Rear Rack

Rear Rack(Max 60lb payload)


Extra Plush

Seat Post

ProMax (27.2mm x 273mm)

Seat Post Clamp

Quick release


Shimano 7-speed shifter


12-gauge stainless steel black


Adjustable Folding Stem with 5 inches of Vertical adjustment


Kenda 20"x 4" *tires may not come with branding*


Rider Height

5'0" - 6'4"

Frame Size


Handlebar Height


Handlebar Reach


Seat Height

34" - 41" (measured from floor)

Standover Height


Total Length




Handlebar Width


Seat Post Diameter

27.2 mm

Max Tire Width


Bike Weight

60 lbs (50 lbs without battery)

Payload Capacity

350 lbs

Folded Dimensions

35"L x 19"W x 30"H


Battery Life

Fuel gauge based on the amount of wattage you are using

Pedal Assist Level

The higher the level, the more assistance you will get from the motor


Calculate how many miles you have driven per trip or all time


Can be set to speed, max speed or average speed


Shows how much power the motor is producing at any give time

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Love my bike aka “The Beast”

Love this bike! As a 64 year old…was able to assemble the bike my self! Love how easy it rides. Got the Rose Gold EZ 3.0 folding bike. Great color ! Looking forward to many fun rides!

Helen Kim
Unlock your life to some real fun

I am in my 40s and pretty fit but don’t need to unnecessarily struggle trying to ride the hills of my neighborhood. This makes riding a breezeeeee. Powerful. Good battery life. Aesthetic. Can get around town real quick now. The 4” tires provide great stability. Does great on dirt roads too. Dog loves our new hobby. Fits the whole family so anyone can use it!

Anthony Costa
Great Bikes, Outstanding Service!

Long review…never done one before but having something that works has really made a difference. We’re riding more and planning road trips and exploring. With folding bikes, we don’t have to mess with the bike rack. Easy to fold, put in the back of our car, nothing sticks out, easier parking and better security.
We have been looking for a bike that would work for my wife (petite 5’2”). We had been doing a lot of research and going to shops so we could sit on the bike to see if it would fit. Could my wife’s feet touch the ground? I came across a Doheny bike, so we looked them up and decided to go and check them out. We were sure it was going to another bike that didn’t work. We were wrong! The bike fit not only my wife but It was a great fit for me. Not to mention that the bikes are very cool looking.
Jason was great, he wasn’t a bike salesperson. He is someone who just has a conversation with you and cares about making sure you are getting into a bike that will work for you. With good instruction, test riding different bikes, adjusting… My wife looked at me and said let’s get them, that’s never happen before. After getting them home I needed a few adjustments and came back and between Jason and Ethan they took care of everything, they truly wanted us to be satisfied. Oh, and they respond to emails, and some were answered in the same day.
Now after 150 miles these bikes are great. We’ve had standard bikes for a long time and our rides would only last for 15-30 min. All the rides would start off good and some small hills, head winds and other factors would make the ride just not fun! Not the case with our Doheny bikes. All our bike rides are just fun! My wife’s confidence level is so high and she’s so comfortable I’ll never hear these words again, can you go get the car and take me home.
These bikes are so light which was a big concern, wife is small and wanted to be able to handle the bike and touch the ground. They are so easy to ride, and we do like using the pedals. There are times don’t even have the assist on but nice to know that there is the assist when needed or wanted. After all the experimenting and testing we will use assist 1 gear 4-6 for most riding and assist 2 in gear 5 or 6 with the hills and that HEAD wind. With level 1 when starting out no wobble it’s gone or a little throttle for the boost. We now cross streets, not afraid of the crowds a these are so easy to handle as they have the power to cross streets and get around people making riding fun. Funny as were riding I keep think we’re going to pull a U turn and head for home, but she says let’s keep going, let’s keep going…As for charging, we just did are 3rd charge after 150 miles, was at 50% but doing long ride this weekend.
Last when shopping for other brands it seems like their price might be good until you realize that everything is an add-on. These bikes are ready to go, check the specs, good motor, brakes, displays, lights, fenders even turn signals. Only tip, upgraded to the better seat makes a BIG difference.

Hands Down - Best Value for E-Bikes

The title is more of a comment about the Doheny brand in general, as dollar for dollar, Doheny bikes offer more features and overall quality than other comparable e-bikes in its class (ie: Rad Power Bikes or Aventon). The particular model we purchased recently is the EZ Folding (version 2). Great styling, love the 7 gears, 5-level pedal assist, fat tires and the sage green color. The throttle acceleration is very responsive (more than the Rad by comparison), and some may prefer a "softer" throttle, but I'm indifferent - it has power, that's for sure! I typically leave it in gear 6 or 7, and vary between level 2 to 4 of pedal assist, depending on my speed and terrain since I do like do pedal most of the time so I'm at least moving my legs and giving them some exercise.

Also, their customer service is second to none - my wife preferred the handlebar half-throttle instead of the thumb throttle, and Micah (one of the owners) provided on-the-spot customization and swapped it out for us right on the spot while we purchased the bike! No one else would have done that for us without a fee. We're looking forward to getting an EZ 3.0 soon! We've had so much fun since getting our e-bikes, we've been outdoors more than we ever would than when we had "regular" bikes. You will be happy with a Doheny.

Christy Warnick
Practically Perfect in Every Way

I drove down to the Dana Pount shop from the SF Bay Area to check out the EZ3 after a year of researching e-bikes. I left Dana Point with an EZ3 and have had a blast every single ride. This bike puts child-like joy back into riding. (Im)patiently waiting for more accessories to be avail for the EZ3 (basket and seat for the back rack). Would also love for a set of compatible pegs to be on offer. 11/10. Could not recommend more.